Spotify - What are you really into?

Brief: to build an interactive campaign to promote Spotify Discover Weekly.
Role: Art direction, design, patterns and logo.
Agency: The Guardian. Development: Ideas made

We designed and developed an interactive web application which generated a personalised
musical footprint and genre catalogue, bespoke to each Spotify user.

A personalised logo was created for each user.

The musical footprint was created by selecting 5 random patterns and 6 random colours.

Musical footprint examples - Each screen has 5 random patterns and 6 random Spotify colours.


The musical footprints were also used to create personalised social posts.

The campaign attracted approx 40,000 visitors over a 4 week period. The most popular genres as highlighted by the campaign were:

  • permanent wave
  • chamber pop
  • indie r&b
  • neo-psychedelic
  • metropopolis